Occupational Health and Safety Service

Who are we?

The Occupational Health and Safety Service comprises the human and material resources needed to carry out prevention activities aimed at ensuring adequate health and safety protection for UPC employees. The Service provides advice and assistance to the Executive Council, staff and their representatives, and specialised representative bodies.

Occupational health and safety focuses on:

  • Safety at work
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Ergonomics
  • Occupational psychosociology
  • Occupational medicine


The Occupational Health and Safety Service carries out the following tasks:

  • Development of the Prevention Plan and support in implementing it
  • Identification of workplace risk factors and risk assessment
  • Definition and prioritisation of proposals concerning corrective action and prevention activities
  • Technical advice on risk prevention
  • Establishment of technical requirements with respect to risk prevention in specific jobs
  • Establishment of health and safety rules, instructions and procedures
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Advice and assistance in defining training needs and designing risk prevention content
  • Definition of needs with respect to health surveillance, management and control
  • Development and introduction of emergency plans
  • Definition of a management system for coordinating business activities and guidance on its implementation
  • Dissemination of good practices for risk prevention via the Service’s website

To find out more

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