Accessibility Chair

Who are we ?

Accessibility Chair: architecture, tecnology and design for all (CATAC) specializes in project management in accessibility, design for all and people with disabilities.


The results obtained through its projects are developed in these broad areas: R & D, technology transfer, training and communication.


CATAC brings added value in identifying needs, resources and alliances to ensure proper realisation of projects agglutinatig the participation of several stakeholders (public sector, private sector, entities representing people with disabilities and UPC-BarcelonaTech itself). CATAC also accompanies organizations in general, and the UPC in particular, in decision-making related to universal accessibility and socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities.



Enable people, irrespective of their abilities, can access any facility and use any technology independently. CATAC wants to be the bridge that links UPC's capacity in terms of research, technological transfer and teaching, with society as a whole, in order to provide solutions to the unmet needs of people with disabilities.


Its areas of expertise are: universal accessibility, design for all and social-professional inclusion of people with disabilities.


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