Centre for Development Cooperation

Who are we?

As a fundamental part of its mission to serve society, the University has a responsibility to actively participate in efforts to foster solidarity and equity between nations, and in the promotion of human development and sustainable development globally. The UPC’s contribution in this area should be based on its activities as a higher education institution, namely, teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The Centre for Development Cooperation (CCD) was set up in 1992 to promote the UPC’s active involvement as a cooperation actor, with a focus on putting science and technology at the service of human development. In addition to encouraging members of the UPC community to pursue development-related activities and coordinating such projects, the CCD uses funds raised by the UPC’s 0.7% Campaign to carry out educational and awareness-raising initiatives aimed at highlighting this issue.


To contribute to building a more just world through development education, and the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of engineering, science, architecture and university management. We work with other actors, particularly universities, to promote more equitable human development in line with on our core values:

1.  Respect for individuals and differences, with emphasis on mutually beneficial outcomes.

2.   Participation: Results should be a direct consequence of the collective effort of the UPC community.

3.  Holistic vision: An approach that encourages interaction and the integration of knowledge, perspectives and sensibilities.

4.  Efficiency and quality, with emphasis on actions that deliver maximum social value.

5.  Accountability to society.

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