Manifesto Inclusion MegaMapathon 2020

In recent years, regulations have evolved a lot, many policies have been promoted and numerous progress has been made. But there are also many defaults and many problems that make many people’s daily life still heavy and with unequal opportunities. 

  1. Accessibility is essential so that all people can fully enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  2. Public resources are lacking to improve these situations, but there is also a lack of awareness, training and common sense. If these problems are more visible to the public eye, they will be resolved more quickly.

  3. Everyone can suffer from functional diversity throughout life, even if temporarily, and therefore accessibility affects everyone.

  4. Diversity is a treasure that allows us to see reality from different perspectives and strengthens us as a society.

  5. Accessibility is a challenge for society as a whole; It is transversal, complex and requires the collaboration of many people and organizations. Networking and collaborating with everyone makes it much easier to tackle the toughest challenges.

  6. Technology is at people’s service, we have to facilitate its use and we have to take advantage of the opportunities it gives, with awareness of the risks and without basing all accessibility on it.

  7. The municipalities must welcome citizen collaboration initiatives with confidence and a collaborative spirit: joining efforts with entities and facilitate participation.

  8. Universities must reach society and show their commitment to social problems such as accessibility, putting their knowledge at the service of society and collecting that of the people closest to the problems, in order to co-create new knowledge useful to society.

  9. It is necessary that the training of technicians in all stages and throughout their lives ensure that they understand the challenge of universal accessibility beyond legal requirements, and therefore we must make them experience it in the first person. This is a special challenge for universities and professional formation.

  10. That is why we promote the Inclusion MegaMapathon 2020 to be held on December the 3rd, which has the dual objective of raising awareness in society and bringing out, simultaneously and collaboratively, thousands of critical accessibility points throughout the territory to facilitate their resolution as soon as possible.